Alessia Scuderi (ITA): Multimedia Design
Hana Križanová (SVK): Urban Design 
Joana Zabielska (POL): Architektur, Urban Design
Lisa Puchner (AUT): Literaturwissenschaften, Radioproduktion 
Markus Gebhardt (GER): Kunsttherapie, Freie Kunst
Milly Reid (GBR): Architektur
Miriam Hübl (AUT): Politikwissenschaften
Péter Oroszlány (HUN): Grafikdesign
Sebastian Kraner (AUT): Freie Kunst, Musik, Film

Poster Design: Sebastian Kraner
Photo: Ricardo Candussi

As a collective of Social Designers we opened „Die Labile Botschaft“ in the center of the embassy-quarter of Vienna. An ex-supermarket was renovated and inhabited by the collective. We also started to communicate with the diplomatic world of Vienna through letters (Notes Verbales).
As an embassy of lability we were very flexible with our clients. Everybody was welcome to join in a free workshop-series and for a coffee during the day. To strengthen ties with our dear colleagues from the diplomatic world, we invited sixty ambassadors for a gala dinner. Even though some accepted our invitation officially, none showed up. 
Nevertheless the Grand Opening exhibition and party displayed beautiful results of a half years work and workshops. 
Die Labile Botschaft“ ist still operating.
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