How does one promote a diverse team of Social Design Students and their projects in an interesting way? 
For the occasion of a job-fair, we designed a card game, to make our studio visible and playable.
The game actually works.
The SD-deck consists of 60 cards: 
23 Project-Cards (yellow)
37 Persona-Cards, introducing the people involved in the projects by name, 

nationality (or affiliation), expertise, and a set of skills. (grey)
Each grey card has a numerical value that results from the sum of all the points assigned to the skill set. Each yellow card has also a numerical value that results, instead, from the sum of the values of those people who did actually made the project. In the game, the goal is to realize as many projects as possible - both as a single player and with the other players.

The design was mainly done by Alessia Scuderi and the game was developed together.
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